Bull Trailers is an Italian-Bulgarian manufacturer of low loader semi-trailers for the earth-moving & industrial segments, truck transporters, and heavy duty rescue trailers.

The firm has an acquired know-how in building special trailers that comes from a 3 generations of family business dating back to 1964 when the first work shop was opened in Frosinone by Mr. Franco Marcoccia grandfather of the current sole owner of the company.

The production plant is located in Plovdiv whereas the stock yard for new units is placed in in Piacenza.

Bull Trailers supplies the market with high quality trailers that are made with the finest materials and come at a very competitive price. To uphold to this statement a 5-years warranty on the chassis is granted and a 2 -years warranty on all the components is guaranteed by our suppliers that are equipped with plenty of workshops placed all over Europe.

The company is certified with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification released by TUV NORD CERT GmbH.

Given its production plant strategic geographic position Bull Trailers aims to be the biggest low bed semi-trailers manufacturer in the Balkans. Thanks to its stock yard and service center in Piacenza at just 60 km from Milan; Bull Trailers targets to be among the major players for the Northern Italian, Swiss, Austrian and Southern German markets. In addition to that our sales network made up by long term excellent partners covers all the Scandinavian countries and the Benelux.